Monday, July 11, 2011

ALDO Massive Sale & Free Shipping!

For a limited time ALDO is having a massive online blowout sale anddd free shipping! Plus if you're new to their website and sign up for emails they'll give you an extra 10 % off code! Woohoo!
So what's worth looking through on their site? Well there's a lot, but here's some note worthy items;
I bought these:
Debated these:
And two of my friends got these:

A New Found Love: Selective Potential

While wandering through some various posts of interviews of fashion bloggers I came across a real stand out. I LOVE this blog, its a must visit!

Kitchen Redo

In redoing my kitchen we decided to stick to a red white and blue retro colour scheme. After deciding this we designated a "knick knack wall" above the kitchen table, and this was the result:
The shelves are a set of three from Canadian Tire for about $17, we then painted them a white (using PARA Paints- my favourite, a definite recommendation, available at Lowe's or independant retailers)

Then from left to right we have: rooster- Pier 1 a few years ago, mini casserole dish- HomeSense- $4, papered elephant- Michael's- 90 cents on sale, mason jar- on hand, painted metallic on the inside and spraypainted the lid, white mini vase- BouClair- $4, red flower plate- BouClair- $15, and finally the silver apple from BouClair for about $5

Happy Birthday Studs and Pearls

(studs and pearls)

This past Thursday was Studs and Pearls' first birthday and my my what Kirsten has managed to accomplish in a year! She is definitely my favourite blog to read so if you don't already know her go check her out!

Thursday, July 07, 2011


I love, I constantly check their inventory of shoes because I've gotten a LOT of good deals from their in the past.  I highly recommend it to everyone! Here are a just a few examples of what I've bought:

And I've never payed more than $50/pair including shipping! Also while you're there check out their eyeshadow palettes- they're great when used in combo with Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion :)

A Quick & Simple DIY- Flower Cabochon Rings

I love flowers, and everything floral, so of course I love flowery jewelry.
Thats what prompted me to make these:
These little guys are made of three ingredients: 1) Flower Cabochons (a cabochon is basically a nice term for jewelry do-hickey)- I get mine off of eBay. 2) Ring bases/blanks- again easy to find on eBay and 3) My trusty E6000 industrial strength glue

Happy Crafting! -Darby

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

So I'm not really the kind of girl that feels the need to spend oodles of cash on make-up. I'm pretty satisfied with the drugstore stuff. But there's always been one product I could never chinse out, and could hardly even wear at all for that matter.....eyeshadow! I have oily eyelids so my eyeshadow always creases and basically disappears/ looks like crap.

But not anymore! Thanks to this magical stuff:
This is Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion (mine's in "Eden"- or nude if you will)
It makes my eyeshadow stay on and look extra-pigmented no matter what brand I'm using!
It's probably the wisest make-up investment I've ever made
and you can find it here or in a Sephora store near you! 

Coupon Codes!

Okay so this is a post for online shoppers. The biggest tip I could ever tell you is NEVER forget to look for coupon codes. The easiest way is just to open a new window and google the store's name and coupon code- open a few of these links and see whatchya can find (just make sure they're not expired)! There are also many forums that constantly keep up to date on these like and
Sometimes coupon codes are even listed on the online store's home page!
Coupon codes are also often e-mailed to subscribers so get signing up to you favourite stores' websites!

Also, since I'm talking about coupon codes I happen to have one to share with you all! For those of you Canadians right now until August 15th you can use the code CANADA2011 on to recieve 25% off red-ticketed items or 20% off original priced items.

My Take on a Tutorial- Polymer Clay Beads

So the other day I referenced a tutorial on how to make polymer clay beads (found here)

I did this project with my friends, and one friend- Hilary, suggested we marble different colours of polymer clay together. O.M.G. Most awesome idea. We used light blue, tan and neon pink, some plain leather cord ($1.50 at Len's Mills) and some jewelery making pieces (jump rings and lobster clasps).

Don't the marbled colours look so cool?!

From there I also did a couple other variations:
A keychain

And a couple of rings, by just using ring blank (or bases- I always get mine off of eBay), square or rectangular polymer clay pieces and some E6000 to glue it down!

Happy Crafting! -Darby

Urban Behaviour Sale!

So I don't shop at Urban Behaviour very often, but when I see a sale sign I usually haaave to go in. Well this exact scenario happened the other day, and what did I find?
This awesome peach, lavender and crystal bouquet ring! I couldn't resist it, and then I saw the price tag...

Yes, that right there is a markdown to $1.99! There was tons of jewelry on sale besides this- feather earrings for $3, a larger flower ring for $3, and plenty of bangles on sale as well!