Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My first DIY tutorial! Black and White Collaged Shelf

So unfortunately I have like no before pictures of my tutorials (yeah im still a newb lol) but I must say, this shelf was soooo ugly before- sage with gold accents. Bleck.

Step 1) Spraypaint shelf colour of choice, consider painting knobs an accent colour (i.e. mine are black).      Allow drying time!

Step 2) Get picture hunting in magazines! It's best to stick to a colour palette to keep a more uniform look

Step 3) Experiement with the layout of your images, take a picture to reference if you can- saves a lot of time, also consider which pictures must be layed down first

Step 4) Mix half and half white school glue and water in a cup and lay images on- putting mixture below and on top with a cheap paintbrush! 

Step 5) Let dry, then hang!

Happy crafting! -Darby

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