Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DIY Tutorial #2- Shoe Upcycle!

So shoe redecorating has become this huge craze lately, especially with things like "shoe embelishment clips" being sold now!
But i decided to do my own spin on it!
And this is it!
These t-strap shoes used to be so tacky, with not-quite-right ruffles running down the center...I hate them, but they were on sale for $7 at Old Navy, how could I resist right?

So i stitchripped the ruffles off and hand sewed this trim (found at Len's Mill Stores for approx. $3) down the front of it. Not big on sewing? No worries, I'm not either, I just kind of went for it and made sure they were secure.

I know this DIY is more specific to these shoes, but maybe this will inspire you to upcycle your own shoes with trim!

Happy Crafting! -Darby

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