Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Must Buy Inspires a DIY

Okay so I of course had to pick up a copy of Erica Domesek's "P.S.- I made this..." because her blog is amazing (check my side links for her blog- I got my copy at Chapter's, also available on Amazon!)

And low and behold I was right away inspired to DIY something, but its not what you'd think... While yes, I LOVE the book and the tutorials it inspired me to do something else not listed in the book.....


It inspired me to make my own book of crafts!
I took an old blue binder and decoupaged the front (first with half and half white glue and water, then a top coat of Mod Podge to seal it). Ah, I love a good collage. I also industrial strength glued (E600 is the best) on a black grosgrain clasp and sewed/glued some velcro, covering the messiness with those two purple rhinestones!

Then I rhinesoned the spine and printed out a label with my basic word program (you'd be surprised how pretty you can make a label out of "basic shapes" and some pretty background fill)

I then crafted a title page- I actually photocopied a collage I had previously done because I just couldn't part with the original, then hole-punched it :)

I then filled the front half with tutorials I had previously found and favourited. I condensed them down on my word program to save paper! (This tutorial found here: DIY Minaudiere)
Finally, I made a second section with only my own projects, for now just pictures and titles, but its a work in progress!
P.s. don't you love the birdy paper? Got it last week on sale for 30 cents at Hobby Lobby- score!)
And yet again it never sceices to amaze me what pretty labels can be made on word!

Happy Crafting! -Darby 

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